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My Name is Md. Mahfoozur Rahman. I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have been working as web developer for the last 7 years. So, it is been oxygen support for my life for a long time. Although I have spent most of this time in the web development, I also have involved into mobile app development recently. Basically trends now-a-days have been shifting from purely server end scripting languages to front end scripting languages. Moreover, mobiles now-a-days are everywhere.

Following the above situation, I have been trying to expand my working experiences in three major development areas. Firstly, for back/server end web development I have used php,mysql with html,css and javascript. Secondly, for front end development I have used framework like Angularjs. Lastly, for mobile app development I have used objective c for ios.

I also have experience managing hosting servers and domains along with ssh command execution for backing up files and databases.
There is forth thing although in the field now in full throttle, that is Big data. I also have keen interest on to this field. Whenever I get opportunity I try to explore my knowledge over this.

Mahfoozur Rahman

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