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cakephp bake setup and migration command for windows7

migration guide slideshare link   cake bake setup for cake bake set the following path in environment variable EDIT by putting semicolon first In the System Variables box, find the “Path” variable and click “Edit…” ;d:\wamp\bin\php\php5.5.12;d:\wamp\www\emailmarketing\app\Console;   cmd cd d:\wamp\www\emailmarketing\app;run cake upgrade all     cake bake...

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The last run query log in Cakephp

To debug and see the last run query in cakephp 2 you need to put the following code in AppModel.php and then call the method using through controller model method.AppMode.phpfunction getLastQuery() {   $dbo = $this->getDatasource();   $logs = $dbo->getLog();   $lastLog = end($logs['log']);   return $lastLog['query']; } SomethingsController.phpdebug($this->Something->getLastQuery());

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Cakephp 2.x disable strict errors

In config/core.php find the line Configure::write('Error', array('handler'=>'ErrorHandler::handleError','level'=> E_ALL &~E_DEPRECATED,'trace'=>true)); and replace 'level' with this: 'level'=> E_ALL &~E_STRICT &~E_DEPRECATED,

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Cakephp getting last executed sql query for debugging purpose

Sometimes it is necessary to trace the last sql query run by cakephp find method as it does a lot of work underneat, Following is a neat little function does this for you. function getLastQuery() { $dbo = $this->getDatasource(); $logs = $dbo->getLog(); $lastLog = end($logs['log']); return $lastLog['query']; }

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