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harmful, expensive, pollutes environment, cannot live long, causes cancer, heart-attack, diseases of respiratory organs, quit smoking

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Went to Cantonment Mosque for Jummah prayer

Imam gave Khutba about sijda sahu and mosafir.If we leave oajib during prayer than we need to give Sijda Sahu.If we leave foroz than we need to re read our prayer completing the Foroz. Without foroj prayer is not complete.If one gets away about 80 km from his home than he is knows as Mosafir.One cant be known as Mosafir if he goes into his/her own home town.Tried to record that khutba.

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TV program

qualityvarietyeveningfree timetv cinemabetter technologynew typesLeisure interestpositive opinionnegative opinionculture of a people,countryincrease knowledgechannelstechnical qualitygreat familiriaty

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extent, range, breadth, width, reach, span, stretch, spread, horizon, area, sphere, field,  compass,  jurisdiction, confine, limit, competence

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Cakephp 2.x disable strict errors

In config/core.php find the line Configure::write('Error', array('handler'=>'ErrorHandler::handleError','level'=> E_ALL &~E_DEPRECATED,'trace'=>true)); and replace 'level' with this: 'level'=> E_ALL &~E_STRICT &~E_DEPRECATED,

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A good ref link for online htaccess redirect generator

Use of htaccess file is essential for url redirection. When site old urls need to be changed to new urls maintaining Search Engine Ranking in tact knowledge of htaccess redirect is must to meet this purpose with a few lines of code. Searching google I have found the following url that allowed me to do these redirections in no time.

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